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Anthony O'Brien 24th October 2015 by Powerfm on Mixcloud

Sonic Boom - Dub, Hiphop, Reggae, Glitch Hop by Powerfm on Mixcloud

Nitric Show 22.10.15 by Powerfm on Mixcloud

No Sound Is Too Taboo 21st October 2015 by Powerfm on Mixcloud

D:Make Radio 17th October 2015 by Powerfm on Mixcloud


Monday → Love & Voodoo - DJ Thomas: 7pm - 9pm / Cut & Paste - DJ Cool C: 9pm -11pm

Tuesday → Initial Radio: 8pm - 10pm

Wednesday → No Sound Is too Taboo: 5pm -7pm / Echodek - Jonny Forrest: 7pm - 9pm / Don Rosco & Stax Show: 9pm -12pm

Thursday → Barry Krishna: 2pm - 4pm / Philosophy of Sound: 6pm - 8pm / The Weekend Warm-up - DJ Nelson: 10pm - 12am

Friday → Gally: 1pm - 3pm / Cat: 3pm - 5pm / The Lab - Steph Power: 7pm - 9pm / Diversity Challenge - Paul Grant: 9pm - 11pm (fortnightly)

Saturday → Just A Blip: 11am - 1pm / Motor City Electronica:11am - 1pm (on rotation) / Alistan: 1pm - 3pm / The Downstroke: 3pm - 5pm / D:Make Radio: 5pm -7pm / Sample Factory: 7pm - 9pm / TripleF: 9pm - 11pm

Sunday → Lazybird: 1pm - 3pm / Jackson & Rob: 4.30pm - 6.30pm / Daragh Martin: 6.30pm - 8.00pm (on rotation) / Platinum Ray & Education: 8pm - 10.00pm / FuturePast - Daire Delmar: 8pm - 10.00pm (on rotation) / Garden Sounds - The Golden Maverick: 10pm - 12am

*All times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


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Talk Direct to the Live Studio: Tel:+353 1 9017410 / Email: studio@powerfm.org / For sponsorship opportunities & online advertising and partnerships: Email: brian@powerfm.org / To send music to us & for general fan mali: music@powerfm.org / By Post: Power Media Ltd, Unit 9A, Plato Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Rep. of Ireland / For media enquiries: john@powerfm.org / For general enquiries: info@powerfm.org

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For over twenty years Power FM has been broadcasting dance and electronic music from Dublin, Ireland. Power FM started in 1992 and continued to broadcast on the FM frequency until 2003 - making it one of Dublin’s longest running pirate radio stations. Throughout the 1990’s it played a major part in cultivating the emerging dance music scene here in Dublin city. In 1998 the station became one of the first pirate radio stations to broadcast via the internet. It continues to bring quality, fresh dance music to the listeners of Dublin city and beyond.

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